We have enjoyed working with our clients. Every home brings possibilities for energy efficiency and savings.  Here is what some of our clients have had to say about working with Sierra Green Builders.  We hope to be working with you soon.

“Sierra Green builders was referred to us in conjunction with an Energy Efficiency Mortgage. Once we chose to move forward we were very happy with their team and work done. The work performed was specific to our crawl space, where it was sealed and insulated. Because the house we purchased is old and heated by oil, the work in the crawl space significantly helped our energy efficiency. Their team is very knowledgeable and timely; we even had everything finished under budget! My only suggestion would be to advertise more. If it weren’t for our loan officer, we wouldn’t have known these services were available.”
- Josh

“During the winter of 2010-2011 my wife and I went through what had been a recurring experience in our home. It seemed our oil heaters (our two story 2950 sq. home required two) were constantly running when temperatures were low. Draftiness could always be felt when the wind was blowing. We supplemented the oil heaters with a wood stove insert, and would often burn up to two cords of wood in a winter just to keep the downstairs area reasonably comfortable. The cost of heating oil was just getting out of hand, particularly in the winter of 2010-2011. All of these factors were what motivated me to begin looking for an insulation expert to begin addressing the costs and problems my wife and I were experiencing with heating our home.

This led me to begin making inquiries and I was referred to Paul Taylor at Sierra Green Builders. I contacted Paul and he indicated that he would first perform an “energy audit” at our home. From that he explained that he would be able to make recommendations and suggestions as to how our problems should be addressed.

Paul arrived with an assistant at our home shortly thereafter to begin the audit. I immediately found Paul to be knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. He was thorough and efficient during the performance of the audit, and subsequent work that was performed. My gut feeling was that I could trust Paul and this is very important when hiring and paying anybody.

To make a long story short, a lot of issues with the insulation of our home were found during the audit. Our home is older construction and the audit uncovered numerous air leaks and weak spots in our insulation. The audit also involves an inspection of the attic and crawl space areas of the house that Paul personally conducted. Then an air flow analysis of the home was conducted to get an idea of how “tight” the house is. This same analysis would later be conducted after sealing and insulation work in order to determine how effective this work was. Paul also uses an infra-red gun to photograph all of the areas that need to be addressed. These photos were provided to us in a package along with Paul’s comments and suggestions.

The work subsequently performed at our house consisted of a complete sealing and blow-in insulation in the attic, heat taping, and insulation wrapping the duct work in the crawl space, and some other miscellaneous items. The work was performed very quickly and efficiently with minimal if any delays at all. Paul’s prices were reasonable and he is willing to work with you if there are certain things you might wish to do for yourself. For instance, I purchased and picked up the duct wrapping and some other items which saved me the cost of having him do this.

The effect was immediately apparent. No more draftiness in the house. The wind can blow very hard where we live but we now do not feel the air movement at all. The house is just more comfortable

Paul also provided suggestions regarding heating options. After researching what he had discussed my wife and I decided to install a geothermal heat pump system. This means we no longer have to buy heating oil at all. In fact, we burned hardly any wood at all last winter as well.

In conclusion I would like to state that my wife and I were very happy with the work that Paul and Sierra Green Builders performed. That, and my association with Paul led to our making decisions regarding our heating system that we feel will be very beneficial in the future given the rapidly rising price of heating oil. I would recommend Sierra Green Builders to any friend or acquaintance.”
- Grateful Clients

“As you know, I am a long time Reno resident and recent Northern Nevada home owner. Getting an Energy Efficient Mortgage was a great decision for me and my family.  You made this process so easy.  Paul, you and your staff at Sierra Green Builders are quick and professional.  I know some people think you can’t get a contractor to complete a project on time, but you got my houses in tip-top shape ahead of schedule!!

I also appreciate you taking the time to explain the process in terms I could understand. You are highly professional and so utterly enjoyable to talk to that I look forward to each meeting.  I learn something new every time.

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your superior work. My cozy “new” home thanks you too.  With the tremendous savings you have provided us, I think I see a Hawaii trip in my future.”
- Satisfied Customer Since 2010

“I just wanted to update you on the progress of our new home. Paul is wonderful I just love him. He is very informative and very helpful. He is almost done with the energy stuff you really can tell the difference in the house. So thank you very much for referring him to me”
- Jess

“My house was warm and comfortable all winter long. The furnace generally only came on a couple times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. A lot of days, the house warmed up enough that the heat didn’t even come on in the evening. I only spent $850 on oil, and haven’t bought any since December. It has been extremely comfortable; I haven’t felt any drafts at all. The duct sealing was extremely effective; the heat always warms up my master bathroom, at the far end of the house.

With extra roommates, my electric bill has been about $125/month, but I think that’s mostly for hot water, so I’m still looking into the solar hot water.   Thanks,”

“We hired Sierra Green Builders after moving into a poorly-insulated house which had been built in 1972 and which had 2 rooms added on. One of the additions was a very large room only heated by a pellet stove and which had a 17 foot-wide opening into the original house.

The rater did a thorough evaluation of the house, including taking thermal photographs of all walls and ceilings, looking for areas where heat or cold air might be leaking, photographing problems in the crawl space and attic, and finally testing the house for air leaks.

Once he had evaluated the problems, he presented us with a very complete description of his findings, including photographs, and a very specific proposal for things we could do to fix the problems. Sierra Green Builders proposal included individual line items and costs, so we had a very clear idea of what solutions were available to us. Because of the work Paul put into the evaluation and proposal, we were able to decide what we could afford to do and to prioritize the work.

We had SGB act as our contractor, so he took care of all purchasing and hiring. We found the materials prices to be very reasonable and he worked alongside the subcontractors to ensure that the work was done the way he had specified, that the work was done in a timely fashion and that everything was cleaned up.

After the work was completed, Paul again tested everything to verify that the desired improvements had been accomplished and suggested a couple of minor changes, which he took care of.

Between the vastly improved insulation and sealing of leaks, and the installation of a pellet stove for heating the main living area, our heating costs have plummeted and the house stays cooler in the summer.
We still contact sierra green builders periodically if we have questions about anything related to energy conservation and he is always willing to research topics and gets back to us very quickly. It was a pleasure to work with Paul, who is not only interested and knowledgeable about energy conservation and construction, but is very responsive and professional.”
- Vickie In West Reno